Monday, June 16, 2014

Pins, Products, Recipes, Ramblings!

Alright! Here goes nothin! 

I'm a long time Pinterest fanatic and lover of all things useful/handy I find there; however, it's undeniably frustrating when you pin something that looks like it's going to be blow-your-mind amazing and hardly even fizzles. Hopefully I can share what I've tried and loved ... or what's been a dud ... and help at least one or two of you!

In addition, I'm a teacherpreneur! I just recently started my own business with Rodan + Fields Dermatologist and am more than just a little obsessed. It's actually probably unhealthy how much I adore these products and how excited I am to spread the word!

Finally, the Hubs and I reside here the south (we drink Coke out of mason jars and I would rather not wear shoes), but our friends and family are scattered from New York to California, so every once in a while I'll put up some ramblings about our life events.

All in all, this thing is a collective review of pins, products, recipes, and a few random ramblings from a teacherpreneur with Rodan + Fields! Because the wonderfully wild Autism adventures I have teaching K-5 ASD Resource don't make my life hectic enough ... !? I love my kiddos with all of my heart, love being a teacher of exceptional students, and have no real interest in being a general education teacher; however, I do desire to build my personal business and share what I've tried, learned, and loved!

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