Monday, June 30, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Project - Great for little ones!

This beauty is our shower curtain. Yes, my grown husband and I have a world map shower curtain, don't judge! I don't like to have fabric curtains I can't see through because of ... well ... you know, serial killers. And the hubs liked the map over any other picture so we went with it! The problem is that there isn't much of a market for bright, colorful, cheery accessories that go with a rainbow, world map shower curtain for adults. Sure, we found lots of cutesy stuff for kids with colors that matched, but I felt the curtain was silly enough. We didn't also need to add art work and soap holders with butterflies or polka dots!

Lo and behold, I found this neat-o idea on Pinterest and thought, "I could do that with colors that match. Sure, why not!"
To start, I pulled out two canvases knowing I wanted to fill a larger space on the wall. I gathered the ingredients needed (kosher salt, glue, watercolors). Then, I literally starting DOUSING the canvases in paint. I dipped and painted and dipped and painted and there were seriously PUDDLES of colors. There was so much paint that if I turned the canvas to get to a different area the colors sloshed about and mixed together. Periodically, when I felt the creative urge, I sprinkled on 2-3 pinches of Kosher Salt or dropped on blops/swirls/lines of clear Elmers glue. At first, my type-A self didn't like the glue being random and seemingly strange, but I got used to it.

Once the whole canvas was painted and I was done with the salt and glue I set them aside to dry, the longest step in the process. It took the better part of 24 hours before the glue was really dry and even then, one teeny-tiny part felt a bit tacky still.

The end result, I would say, is pretty stinkin' neat! I really like them and they go perfectly with the curtain! Aside of the fact that they are interesting, there's really no way you can do this "wrong." This project would be PERFECT for little ones!!! As long as you go behind them and make sure there is enough pain, they could sprinkle and squeeze to their heart's content and it would be something special for parents to keep!

We are really happy with the results and excited to share them on the Craft Frenzy Friday Linky Party over at Craft Dictator!

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