Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TRANSFORMATION Tuesday: Wrinkles, firmness, pore size

I write about several things on here...

1. crafty pins ... cute!
2. tasty pins ... yum!
3. cleaning pins ... sparkly!
4. stories about random moments in my life ... boring ... ;) 

However, my end game is really to grow my business and spread the word about products that continue to blow my mind each and every day. As a Rodan+Fields consultant you would think I'd be numb to the life changing effects these skincare regimens and tools provide customers because I see them all of the time, but I assure you I am not.

Each and every time I see a new before-and-after I am shocked, awed, overjoyed, and grow ever more excited to get people using R+F! Believe me when I say, I don't want a piece of you. That is soooooo not my mindset! What I want is for you to have a piece of this!!! In under 3 months Rodan+Fields has changed my life...monetarily, regarding confidence, by bringing out a new skill set, introducing me to some of the most amazing people, and just generally getting me excited in life!

In order to honor this new passion of mine and in an effort to get more eyes on these products, thus more products on people's faces, I'm starting up TRANSFORMATION Tuesday!!

Today's regimen is REDEFINE for the Appearance of Lines, Large Pores, Wrinkles, and Loss of Firmness!

The regimen includes 4 products. 

1. The first is a cleansing mask. It dries in 2 minutes and draws out impurities without drying your skin out. It's also got exfoliating beads to smooth skin without being aggressive. 

2. The second step is a toner which minimizes pore size and clears away clogging dead skin. 

3. Triple Defense Treatment. The treatment has peptides that reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and firm skin. It brightens skin, decelerates photoaging, and reduces the appearance of flaws. 

4. Last is the Overnight Restorative Cream that replenishes natural moisture, firms, lightens lines, wrinkles, and is chock full of nutrients.

The products last for 60 days and utilize multi-med therapy. This means that each product in the regimen is designed to prep your skin for, or work in conjunction with, the following step in the process. The ingredients are safe to combine, accelerate one another, and provide MAXIMUM results. Sadly, this is something I didn't even think about or know was important before I joined Rodan+Fields. It makes so much sense, it just wasn't something I consider when buying random products at the grocery store!

And here is a before and after of this amazing regimen!! Please, please, PLEASE contact me if you'd like more info!! Totally, complete, 100% pressure free. I'm here to sell, yes - it's a business, but I'm just as excited to simply share!!!

Thanks so much for Agape Love for giving me a place to link these awesome products! Love her beauty blog!
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