Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I'm Wearing Wednesday Linky Party!

Big day today, folks! I'm attempting my first linky party with a blog written by my dear, amazing, sweet, talented, and BRILLIANT teacher friend over at "Ideas by Jivey: For the Classroom!" She's pretty much the bomb in the classroom and if there were more teachers like her the world would be an infinitely better place!!

"What I'm Wearing Wednesday" is a time to get easy, adorable outfit ideas from other bloggers and check out what everyone is wearing. Love it!! I'm always stuck in a rut over summer, sticking to running shorts and T-shirts most days...never accessorizing. "What I'm Wearing Wednesday" actually forces me to stop dressing like I'm 16 and wear some of the cute things I've got collecting dust in my closet! 

These earrings are my current obsession. I bought a fancy necklace/earring set for work at Charming Charlie and got both of these for free off the discount rack! OH SNAP!!


The first pair, on the left, has a cute coral pattern and pink jewel.
The second pair, on the right, has a funky wishbone and clear bead.

I love the orange wishbone ones! At first I thought, there's no way I can pull these off, but they are one of my favorites now! They are so unique and totally different than my usual choice! Plus, they were free. Hello?!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, my SOOTHE! Seriously could not live without this! Before I got on this Rodan+Feilds regimen my skin was always red, always dry, always flaring up reacting to the cold winter wind or sweltering summer sun. I was totally miserable and felt helpless. Everything I tried either didn't keep my face moisturized for longer than an hour or made my T-zone break out. I was so frustrated! Since a friend got me on SOOTHE I have had 0...let me repeat that...0 dry spots and 0 big pimples! It's resilient and healthy and feels so good (it used to actually hurt it was so sensitive)!!! Glory glory! Now I don't wash my face or use any products other than Rodan+Fields and I'm *obviously* super excited :P


  1. You are the SWEETEST for saying that!!! I love wearing my Soothe too! :-P And I loooove your earrings. I can't believe you got them for FREE?!
    ideas by jivey

    1. No prob. I speak the truth.

      Thanks!! I actually wore them out last night to meet a few friends and got a compliment on them! Guess I need to branch out more often!

  2. Your earrings look super cute on you. I love finding new fun stuff to jazz up my style a little bit!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thanks! I do love the idea of "jazzin' it up" but I'm HORRIBLE at shopping. I always buy the same-ol' stuff that's safe. I wish I had more things like this!

  3. That always seems to happen to me…I get something for free/super cheap that's not normally my style, but I end up wearing it all the time! :)

    Simple Insights

    1. Exactly! I see things on shows that are funky and love them, but I never feel gutsy enough to buy them full price.