Friday, August 22, 2014


I was warned. I can't say I didn't hear it before I got started with this thing....keeping up with a blog for an extended period of time is HARD! Life just kinda...gets in the way. It became a habit over summer when I had so much free time and it was something I really enjoyed, but once school started back I completely lost track. Swamped doesn't even begin to describe the first month of school, right?!

So, here's me, jumpin back on the bandwagon! I'm combining 2 of my fave linky parties! Makeup Monday where I get to share and read  up on awesome beauty tips and ideas, and five for FRIDAY where I get to post about 5 fabulous things I did or were important during my week.

I'm combining the 2 because lately I've been really delving into Rodan+Fields and learning more while also doing some big time promoting with my colleagues!


Here's 5 new things I learned this week from Rodan+Fields!

Did you know that 84% of women in their 20s are afraid of aging? To compensate for that...12 is the average number of cosmetic products women use daily!!

You have 80% control over your skin's destiny. We're all aging every's up to what exactly that looks like.

5 days is the number of days per year that women spend looking at themselves in the mirror. And 0 is the number of days you should wait before incorporating an anti-aging regimen into your routine!! 

While they may deny it, men care about their skin too! 6 is the average number of products they use!

Night time is the right time to take care of your skin! While SPF is VITAL, moisturizing at night is just as important. Get 8 hours and sleep on your back. Face planting into your pillow every night doesn't help fight fine lines and wrinkles!!

Message me if you'd like more info or if you're interested in the Rodan+Fields business and how we're changing skin and changing lives!!!

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