Monday, August 25, 2014

Made It Monday: Jello Brains and Teacher Deals!

This week I'm combining 2 of my fave linky parties! Makeup Monday where I get to share and read  up on awesome beauty tips and ideas, and Monday Made It where I get to post about fabulous things I did or made that important during my week.

I'm combining the 2 because lately I've been really delving into Rodan+Fields and learning more while also really digging deep in social skills instruction and the Superflex Curriculum. I figured it was a good place to share both, especially since Rodan+Fields customers are mostly teachers!!! Yay for educators!!

This week's Unthinkable for my kiddos' Superflexible brains to defeat is Rock Brain. Grrr. Rock Brain makes us get stuck on our own ideas and doesn't let us be flexible. For example, if students are trying to complete an exemplar and get stumped, they shut down completely or keep working the same difficult/incorrect way over and over without trying any new strategies. Superflex, who defeats Rock Brain, helps them think of different ways to solve problems and try all strategies they know! Here's a bit of the lesson...

We'll start by reading the book Superflex Takes on Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables.  Then we do THE MOST fun activity! I love it and the kids get suuuuuper into it! First, I print 2 copies of the list below, cut into strips, then laminate them so they are waterproof.

o Stay calm when we get a bad grade

o Don’t cry when we have to pull a clip

o Use a calm voice when we get in trouble

o Keep our hands to ourselves

o If we get a warning, change our behavior

o If we want something we can’t have, stay calm

o If you want to go someplace you can’t, stay where you are

o Try your best, even if you don’t like the assignment

o Explain how you feel with words if you’re upset

Then I put one copy into a brain mold, fill it with water, and freeze it. This is the rock brain! Once the ice mold can be popped out I invert it on a cookie sheet and put it back in the freezer so it stays hard. Then, I put the 2nd copy of slips into the brain and fill it with Jello. I put it in the fridge so it can get firm, but FLEXIBLE :) This one stays in the mold until about 10 minutes before we're ready.

During class the kids don latex doctor gloves, each get a pair of tweezers, and take turns trying to pull the strips from the frozen Rock Brain. Alas, it's impossible! ;) Then we pull the strips from the Jello brain because it's a flexible thinker! :) They have so much fun and read the strips aloud after they get one out. At the end we eat the brain. HA! A little gross if you ask me, but they think it is the most hilarious and amazing thing I do all year. Last year my class took to acting like zombies all morning and we had such a fun day!

This month Rodan+Fields made it to Canada!! We've officially begun our global domination ;) 
$3.2 billion+ are spent on anti-aging skincare products each year in the UNITED STATES ALONE!! We're now branching out to Canada and increasing the number of people who will be able to change skin and change their lives!! Proactiv is the number one selling acne system in the world and Rodan+Fields will be the same for anti-aging very soon. I'm beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what Canadian ELLE is already saying!

I've been working my Rodan+Fields business pretty hard these past 2 months. I was promoted, got a raise, and earned the largest paycheck yet!! I'm well on my way to paying off my student loans from Grad School and can.not.wait! In the hopes of keeping up the success even though school has started back and is making me very busy, I made a BACK TO SCHOOL deal!

For teachers, paras, admin, support staff, office staff...anyone who works in the school really!...I'm offering 10% off and free shipping on any purchase of $80+ until the end of August. If you've been wanting to give R+F a try or just want more info, now's the time to reach out to me!

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