Monday, September 15, 2014

Made it Monday: NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!!!

This week I'm combining 2 of my fave linky parties! Makeup Monday where I get to share and read  up on awesome beauty tips and ideas, and Monday Made It where I get to post about fabulous things I did or made that were important during my week.

I'm combining the 2 because lately I've been really delving into Rodan+Fields and learning more while also digging deep in social skills instruction and the Superflex Curriculum. I figured it was a good place to share both, especially since my Rodan+Fields customers are mostly teachers!!! Yay for educators!!

Dontchya just hate when all you can think about is the weekend...and it's only Tuesday morning? ;:) For typical adults we may daydream a bit here and there, but for my ASD students those small daydreams can turn into elaborate mental movies that last for far too long! You know what I'm talking about, that look they get, we've all seen it!

When teaching with Superflex and the Team of Unthinkables we call that having a Brain Eater moment. Brain Eater causes us to think about things other than what we should and loose track of what's going on around us.
First we read Superflex Takes on Brain Eater and the Team of Unthinkables. Then, we talk strategy.
-get a sip of water
-put your distraction shield on the object
-move away from the person or object
-ask for help

To conclude the lesson we watch these videos of Brain Eater in action. The kids think they are HILARIOUS and love calling out the instances they see of the Unthinkable taking over.



As kids, we had fat pads under our skin that made our skin bounce back when we smiled, squinted, or just generally made funny faces. As we got older, those fat deposits diminished and dynamic wrinkles formed because the bounce back resiliency was gone. Dynamic wrinkles form from repetitive facial motions and we often call them expression lines!

Puppet lines around the mouth...crow feet...the "11s" between your browns...horizontal lines across your know, those things you fixate on when you look in the mirror!!

If you were to go to a derm for these things they would likely tell you that you needed botox - "When a wrinkle is the case, stick a needle in your face!"

2. scheduling the derm & getting to your apts among the zillion other things going on is difficult! 
3. unless your insurance considers botox medically necessary, it aint cheap!

That's where I come in!

The new product launched by Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, the makers of Proactiv, is going to fill that wrinkle, while you sleep, without a needle!! Instead, you can place a sticky strip right atop that crevice before bed. The sticky strip is covered with teeny-tiny cones filled with peptides and hyaluronic acid! Both of these ingredients are found in ABUNDANCE in youthful skin, but not in aging skin. While you sleep, the moisture of your skin slowly dissolves the cones, releasing the 2 wrinkle fighting ingredients!

The results of this product are long lasting, 8+weeks after you stop using the strips!! They are also potent enough to provide results within just 1 use!!

If you're interested on how you can get your hands on these bad boys, lemme know!!


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