Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Inspiration: Lexus Lovin!

And now, my favorite part of Sunday Inspiration!

Congratulations to Holly Reed, Previer V Executive Consultant who just reached the honored position of Lexus Achiever with Rodan + Fields! 

Holly, a Pastor's wife in St. Louis, received her new Lexus last week! Just want to share what her sweet husband had to say! Congrats to both of you! 

"I can't pass up this opportunity to be a proud husband! Just over two and a half years ago my wife decided to jump into a sales business that was scary to say the least (we did not see ourselves as sales-type people). She loved the product, saw it work, believed in it enough to accept the challenge. She was fearless; Astounding me over and over again!

She simply used her passion, love for people and paired with this great business model, she just took the bull by the horns and wouldn't accept defeat! She always said that the key to success in business is to NOT QUIT! I'm constantly amazed by her... I'm overwhelmed when I think about these last couple of years and I could not be more proud or in love with any woman.

The real kicker is that she gets to drive this car as of today!!! The company is paying for it too (we've hardly ever even RIDDEN in a car like this)! She'd love to share this possibility and very early opportunity with anyone that might have some of that same stored up passion and fight as well. It's changed, for the better, lots of things for us, and we're watching it do the same for many others!"

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